Prosthetic MakeUp Course

Course : Prosthetic Makeup     Duration : 1     Month Fee : 40,000

Now let me introduce you to a astonishing world of Prosthetic Makeup Artistry .
You must have seen people involved in fake accidents in movies where the person concerned is given such a makeup that he/she appear to have actually met with an accident like bleeding , disfigurement of his body parts etc. These effects are produced with the help of new generation prosthetic makeup.
In view of heavy demand for Prosthetic makeup in various fields of entertainment industry , the SFX/PROSTHETIC artist can hope for bright and prosperous future. Artist of this art are in high demand in the film industry. Starting from Old Age makeup , Accidental injuries makeup , deadly disease makeup and wounds etc. Because of this the prosthetic artists are paid very handsomely.
Here at I-MAKEUP STUDIO students are made conversant with the latest techniques , materials and other tools used in the PROSTHETIC / SFX Makeup.

Module 1


In this module you will become familiar to work with blood, flesh, bruise paint and other materials used in film industry to create realistic injury or wound effects.

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Module 2

SFX / Prosthetic Details

Films are never complete without the interfearnce of Special Effects . SFX and Prosthetic makeup has really transformed over the year’s. This module explore the techniques of SFX / Prosthetic makeup allowing you to master the art of applying products and appliances .

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Module 3

World of Horror

This module wellcomes you to the world of horror. Starting from accidental injuries to deadly diseases , your creations are sure to give goose bums to people.

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Module 4

Kick Start Your Carrer

This module will equip you with the knowledge required to put your skills into Professional use !

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