About the Makeup Trade

What is Makeup ?

Makeup is a system combining brushes and colors to enhance the Beauty , Appearance and Glow of any face.


What is Makeup Artistry ?

Brushes and colors cannot be used and applied without knowing the inter-cases of this Art. A learner has to go through a skill improvement process which slowly and steadily help them to Mix , Combine and Apply brushes and colors.


What is Advance Makeup Artistry ?

As the experience increases , Many more horizons open up for the artist. There is always a continuous Up-gradation in the Artistry like using Airbrush and Prosthetic makeup . This all enable the student to face the challenge of Makeup Artistry with confidence.


Prospectus in Makeup Artistry ? Social Status ! Earnings ?

Makeup Artistry is a huge industry and without limits . The Passionate and Hard working Artist can earn raise income amounts to their own satisfaction and still extend the limits of Artistry as well as Income .
The Makeup Artist Command huge respect in social circles. The Artist also comes in contact with High Profile clients , Thereby introducing him/her self to well defined SOCIO-ECONOMIC Circles of Society.

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